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About us

The Vernon Geranium Nursery’s collection of geraniums was started by my grandad, Jack Cox, over fifty years ago - it was his passion and over the years he bred some varieties of his own. My Mum and Dad, Janet and Derek, became hooked too and started The Vernon Geranium Nursery in the 1970’s. The ‘geranium gene’ passed on to me too and over 20 years ago I joined my family nursery, growing these wonderful plants.

Why choose Vernon Geraniums

There are two ways of obtaining geraniums. One is from wholesalers who grow a very, very small limited range of varieties which they grow overseas in their millions and millions.

Or you can come to our specialist geranium nursery - The Vernon Geranium Nursery - where you will obtain a wide range of the very best geraniums from modern times and olden days, all hand grown in the UK and you will be able to grow the most wonderful geraniums that there are in the world. Giving you the best possible displays in your own garden!

There is no other specialist collection like Vernon's in the whole of Europe - we bring together the best of the old traditional varieties along with the top new modern varieties and we only ever offer the best performers... so that you'll have the very best displays!

The History of Geraniums

The first geraniums were discovered and brought to Europe over 350 years ago by explorers who were looking for medicinal plants in Africa. It was during the Victorian and Edwardian days that geraniums enjoyed a ‘heyday’ as hybridising really took off and brought about many new varieties and they formed an essential part of any bedding scheme.

Many of the varieties we offer you originate from the 1700’s and 1800’s - which is amazing when you consider that the plants have been kept alive during some extremely difficult periods in history - such as war years when fuel was only allowed to be used for food production. It is thanks to specialist collectors that these are still with us today ... the life of a geranium is a lot easier with modern greenhouses!

I am always happy to share our tips of the trade with you - on this website, as well as all the beautiful and unusual geraniums (and plenty of other plants too!), you will find lots of advice and tips to help you make the most of the plants in your garden. Click on the links below to browse our month by month growing guide, our fantastic range plant care topics and articles with topical tips and advice.

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Liz at Vernon's

My grandad Jack outside his greenhouse

My mum and dad in their greenhouse inthe 1970s

The geranium gene has passed on to me too
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